PSS Race Night Procedures:

*7:00 Pack the Track Then EXIT and head to the Driver's meeting at the line up board

*7:30 Hot laps (E mods, Factory, Super Stock, Mods)

*7:55 Prayer and National Anthem

*8:00 Racing begins

Track Rules and Regulations:

*Staging is in the line up road and make sure to be ready for your race,we will not wait for you.

*Enter the track on turn 4 as well and exit off entering turn 3.

*All starts will be between the light pole and the cone in turn 4. The pole car starts the race.

*Restarts are Delaware style

*Heat race laps: 8 cars or less will be 8 laps, more than 8 cars will be 10 laps

*All semi-features will be 12 laps

Feature laps:

E Mods - 15 laps

Factory Stocks - 15 laps

Super Stocks - 20 laps

Modifieds - 20 laps

*Top 5 out of each race heat and Top 5 out of each feature must scale and tech

*After you receive the checkered flag take a cool down corner through 1 and 2 and enter to the scales in the infield to the left, off the backstretch.

*Tech will take place after you scale in the infield.

*After tech is complete you will leave the infield crossing the track and exit off turn 3

*All heats and semi-features will have a 20 minute time limit

*All features will have a 30 minute time limit. If in any race the time limit is reached and the race in under green, that race will continue until the next caution or the checkered flag (which ever comes first). If a caution does come out first then you will be properly lined up and given the checkered under caution.

*Two caution rule - If you cause two cautions in any one race you will be asked to leave the racetrack.

*Nobody is to be beyond the concrete barriers in turns 3/4 or on the racetrack at any time for safety reasons.

*Rough driving is not allowed and won't be tolerated. - Please be smart and use your head while driving and not just as a helmet holder.

*Tire changes allowed in the features only. If the caution is out and you have a flat tire you can exit turn 3 to the change the tire. You will be given 3 caution laps to change your tire. If you get the tire changed within that time frame, you can tag the rear of the field.

Race (On track) Procedure:

*Be in staging and ready with ample time and make sure your raceceiver is working

*You will get released by the line up worker to enter the track

*Enter track with caution and keep a slow pace while lined up double file right out of staging

*There will be one complete lap under caution (pace lap) for drivers to get ready and we can check racereceivers are working. As you come to the flag stand you will receive the one to go and caution lights will go out.

*On a double file start the two lead cars must stay side by side until the pole car fires between the light pole and the cone in turn 4, which is when the green will be dropped. Once the pole car fires and is past the flag stand, the rest of the field is free to race. All cars must stay in line bumper to bumper until the pole car reaches the flag stand. If you jump out of line and get ahead of the car in front of you, you are jumping the start. If you jump the start the caution will come out and you will be warned, the 2nd time you will put tailback.

*When there is a caution you will be notified on your raceceiver and the yellow will come out. You will be given a line up per race receiver. All restarts will be delaware restarts meaning the leader will be out front with second place having the option of inside or outside. Third place will go opposite with the rest of the field following along with 4th place in 5th place out, etc. Once the full line up is given and the cause of the caution tags the rear of the field, you will be released with the caution lights going out and we will be going green that same lap. The leader will fire ,everyone else firing after the leader does. **NOTE** - If you jump on a restart (not the original 2x2 start), we will continue racing and you will be docked two positions at the next caution or at the end of the race (whichever comes first).

*When the race is over the top 5 cars in all races will go the scales off of the backstretch with the rest of the field exiting off to the right at the entrance of turn three as soon as you can within reason.

*The next heat race that is already in staging will then be released using the same exact procedure. One complete lap with the lights going out at the flag stand, and going green that next lap.

*After all heats and semis (if needed) are compete we will have a short intermission and then start feature racing. You are responsible to check the line up and get ready.

*Please be ready in staging with plenty of time to spare for your feature.

*You will again be called onto the track on your raceceiver and released by the line up worker. Just as in the heats, when you are called onto the track from staging, please enter slowly and get lined up immediately. We will check the line up. After the line up is good, we will go one lap under caution with the one to go being given. The same rules follow with the features as in the heats and once the race in complete the top five will scale/tech and the winner will go to the flagstand for photos, then proceed to the scales and tech.

*Pay can be picked up at the building on the grandstands side. (Return rental race receivers in order to receive pay)

**Thank you for coming to PSS and we hope to see you all season long!