November 18 Enduro Rules!!

Car and Body:

  1. Absolutely NO RACE CARS ALLOWED in this event. That would include any car running in any division at any race track in the past or present. This race is for strictly stock cars.
  2. Any 1960 or newer 2-door or 4-door car is eligible. NO vans, NO convertibles, NO four wheel drives, NO jeep type vehicles. The only trucks allowed are 1/2 ton or smaller 2-door pickup trucks. Cars may be rear or front wheel drive. 4, 6 or 8 cylinder engines are ok. Minimum stock wheelbase allowed 102 inches for V-8, 88 inches for V-6 or 4 cylinder...NO TURBOS.
  3. Roll cage optional but, recommended. Gutting of factory interior panels only allowed for roll cage clearance. EXAMPLE: you may remove the inner door bracing if you are replacing it with door bars.
  4. Any year model car.
  5. No-bracing in the bumper areas. However, bumpers should be chained or cabled as a safety item to help retain the bumper.
  6. All doors must be welded, chained, or bolted shut.
  7. Windshield must be removed. Steel safety screen or bars on windshield opening optional but strongly recommended. Side and rear window glass must be removed. All mirrors must be removed.
  8. Racing approved shoulder harness and lap belts are recommended. Racing seats allowed.
  9. The rear seat shelf must be left in as a fire stop, and any openings to the trunk area must be enclosed.
  10. Complete bumper to bumper steel uni-body must be retained. No lightening permitted.
  11. The stock steel unaltered floor pan, firewalls, trunk and wheel wells must be retained.
  12. Cars must retain their strictly stock appearance, no cutting chopping, channeling, or shortening allowed. Hoods must be kept in place at all times. The sound deadening/padding must be removed from under side of hood. Safety issue: You will be black flagged and required to go to the infield work area to resecure if hood comes up or comes off.
  13. Gas tanks must be original and in stock mounting position. Rupture of your gas tank and/or loss of gas require immediate black flag.
  14. Batteries may be relocated in a securely fastened covered plastic or rubber container.
  15. All plastic grills must be removed or replaced with screen mesh. Headlights, tail lights, and their trim must be removed. All outer trim must be removed.
  16. Mesh window nets are permitted, but must be removable.
  17. Mandatory 1 (one) fire extinguisher per vehicle. If the vehicle is a 4 door and passengers are riding in the back, an additional fire extinguisher is mandatory for the back seat. The fire extinguisher must be mounted securely to the floor board!!!
  18. No more than 2 (driver included) people will be allowed in a 2 door vehicle and no more than 2 people will be allowed in a 4 door vehicle. Fee is $10 per rider.
  19. Have fun or don't come!!

    Car Numbers:

  1. The doors (front doors on 4 door vehicles) will be used to paint the car number which will be your pill draw number (your starting position).
  2. Minimum number size 18 inches tall that you must paint with bright contrasting color. Bring your paint! (If number is not clearly readable from the scorer's tower, your car MAY NOT BE SCORED.)


  1. Suspension parts must remain absolutely stock for that make and model car. No spacers, lumber or chains, etc. may be used to alter stock suspension of that car.


  1. Stock steel or original equipment aluminum wheels only.


  1. D.O.T legal tires must pass through a 9" hoop at the bulge. (This will be enforced on all entries including pickup trucks) No Gumball tires, NO "DOT" stamped racing tires, NO truck tires, NO all terrain tires, NO mud tires, NO treated tires, NO GROOVING OR SIPING ALLOWED.
  2. You will be allowed to change flat tires OR make repairs. This must be done in designated area in the infield. Vehicle CANNOT leave the track and return. All equipment (tire, wheel, jack, lug wrench, tools and supplies) must be in the vehicle at the beginning of the race and fastened securely in trunk or bed of the truck. NO GAS CONTAINERS ALLOWED. You must be able to complete the full race without adding any fuel. Anyone adding fuel will be disqualified. NO SUPPLIES OF ANY KIND CAN BE BROUGHT FROM OUTSIDE THE RACE TRACK FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE RACE TO THE COMPLETION OF 100 LAPS.


  1. No additional weight may be added to the car.


  1. The engines must be strictly stock for that model and make and in its original mounts. NO aftermarket external oil coolers.
  2. A/C and heat components may be removed.
  3. Smog equipment may be removed. (allows removal of catalytic converters)
  4. .Air cleaner to oil pan must be all factory equipment! Original or stock replacement exhaust system. No aftermarket headers. MUFFLERS REQUIRED. NO STRAIGHT PIPES,


  1. Stock transmission and rear end only. NO aftermarket external oil coolers. All transmission lines must be covered or run outside of driver area of car.


  1. Only one radiator can be used. Radiator must remain in original position, no coolant or gas lines in the driver area of car.


  1. No locked rears.
  2. Full face helmet required.
  3. If you go in the pit area outside the track during the event, you may NOT go back out on the track.

    Starting Position Assignment:

  1. This will be determined by pill draw. The number you draw will be your car number that will be painted on the doors (front doors of 4 door vehicles).

NOTE: NO Radios or Push-To-Talk devices may be used to communicate with driver.

Each Car must supply a spotter!!

Entry Fee of $50.00 per car Drivers and riders must also purchase pit passes. The race will be limited to the first 75 paid entries. All riders must come with their driver to the registration table to sign release and pay $10 rider fee.